11 Cheerful Spring Colors to Wake Up Your Home

There's nothing better than the early days of spring. The sun is out, the flowers are blooming, and there's a hint of warmth in the air. Even if it's still chilly by summer standards, you've been reminded that warmer weather is on its way and that the cold dark of winter is almost over. Of course, it's only natural to want to celebrate this grand thaw — and the easiest way to do that is by decorating your home for spring. New houseplants. Fresh throw pillows. Sweet candles. They're all fair game when it comes to your warm-weather refresh.

One of the easiest ways to update your space for spring is to tweak its color palette. To find the prettiest spring colors of 2021, we asked interior designers and home experts which hues they are most excited to decorate with in spring. Nervous to overhaul your home's color palette too much? Try using these spring colors to make a statement in a smaller space like your home office or laundry room. You can also use them in a spring centerpiece or a seasonal wall decor item to invigorate your space and help you spring into spring.


1) Yellow

Yellow just might be the cheeriest spring color of them all — and this year, you might see it even more than usual. Pantone chose a bright yellow hue called Illuminating as a 2021 Color of the Year, describing it as a "cheerful yellow sparkling with vivacity, a warming yellow shade imbued with solar power.” Incorporate the shade into your space in small doses — for example, with fresh flowers, accent pillows, throw blankets, or a funky light fixture — and you'll beat those winter doldrums, stat.


2) Gray

Depending on how you style it, gray can be perfectly springy. And this year, it's set to be huge: Pantone also chose Ultimate Gray as a 2021 Color of the Year, describing it as a natural shade of the popular hue. "The colors of pebbles on the beach and natural elements whose weathered appearance highlights an ability to stand the test of time, Ultimate Gray quietly assures, encouraging feelings of composure, steadiness, and resilience," the color experts write. Pair it with a vibrant yellow or bright fuschia for some cheerful spring flair.


3) Blush

Ever since the "millennial pink" craze began around 2016, blush has been a popular year-round color — but obviously, it's got a particular allure in spring. "One of our favorite color combos for spring is white, camel/taupe, and soft pink," says Bria Hammel of Bria Hammel Interiors. "It’s such a timeless color palette because of its neutrality, but it also provides a bit of warmth and subtle color to a space without going too over the top."


4) Bright Blue

A bright blue was Pantone's Color of the Year in 2020, and you'll probably continue to see it this year, too. It works particularly well when paired with green, as the colors remind us of the great outdoors. "Both of these colors are so versatile and can work as an accent wall in a dark tone, as a pop of color in pillows or a rug, or even as a statement sofa in your space," says Lee Mayer, CEO of the online interior design service Havenly. "Depending on the tones and fabrics you choose, both of these colors can play into any style really well — an emerald velvet sofa can feel really luxe while blue linen pillows can feel perfectly classic."


5) Sage Green

Nothing says spring quite like an airy green. "Green is such a versatile shade and can take on so many different tones, but for spring we’re loving a soft, muted sage green," says Hammel. "It feels so fresh, organic, and can be used in both masculine and feminine spaces."


6) Camel

Another rising trend you can expect to see more of are light-toned leathers. "Our clients are all about durability, so leather is a popular choice for sofas or chairs, but not everyone wants such a heavy dark piece in their home," says Mayer. "Camel, taupe, or off-white leathers have become really popular, and can feel appropriate for warmer months when mixed with natural materials like wood and rattan."


7) Coral

This vibrant hue is both invigorating and energizing and will add a dash of happiness wherever you put it. To make a serious statement, try a coral wallpaper in a small space like your mudroom, bathroom, home office, or laundry room.


8) Olive Green

Interior designers predict that deep colors like navy blue and hunter green will be some of the top-trending colors of 2021. But just because they're darker shades doesn't mean they can't be brightened up for spring. "I love how olive green is being used in paint, pillows, and upholstery," says Mayer. "It’s a great example of a color that transitions well from spring and summer to cooler months." Pair the hue with lots of indoor plants for a serious celebration of spring.


9) Pastels

Pastel shades are among the most common and classic colors to brighten your home for the warmer months. "We love using soft, muted pastel colors in spring," says Hammel. "Not only do they mimic the outdoors, but they are the perfect way to gradually incorporate color back into your home after the cold, darker winter months."


10) Sky Blue

This shade of blue is as cheerful as can be — and would work perfectly on any accent rug, pillow, or flower arrangement. Or, take a cue from this kitchen and use paint to make a true sky blue statement.


11) White

A foolproof way to brighten up your home for spring is to go all-white. If that's not possible, try adding airier elements instead — think sheer white curtains that let the light in, white linens, and fresh houseplants.

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